Credits ::

The only thing on this site I can claim complete creative and/or technological credit for is the music and some of the pictures (those my wife Beth didn't take).
For everything else, I owe THANKS to various people and/or web sites for ideas, CSS/HTML/code, and/or other things.

The CSS Table Gallery site for ideas on improving my tables via CSS, particularly "Muted". This really helped me get a better understanding of CSS impact on tables.
- This is a great site for snagging CSS/(D)HTML/script snippets that are free to use on your website. Specifically, I used the CMotion Image Gallery code for my side-scrolling pictures/navigation, Image Thumbnail Viewer for image viewing, an amalgamation of CSS Image Gallery (along with other sites/techniques) for a hybrid-approach to the CSS image map which allows you to navigate this site via the guitar frets, and the Cool DHTML Tooltip code for those slick hover-over tooltips. (This literally saved me from creating dozens and dozens of seperate pages for displaying music/review content. This script is fantastic!)

Frank Manno's 'CSS Image Maps, Redux' article - Some aspects of this were incorporated into my CSS image map for navigation.

The 'How to Create an Image Map Using CSS' article by Stu Nicholls (a.k.a. "CSS God"), along with countless approaches and/or learnings from Stu's CSS web site, CSS Play.
CSS Play is an outstanding CSS tutorial site. I learned all about text opacity, cross-browser issues and hacks, and all kinds of invaluable techniques that I applied to this site.
Thanks for the knowledge share, Stu!

Thanks to Ryan Johnson at his LivePipe programming blog on how best to handle javascript pop-ups.

Shailesh N. Humbad's 'HTML and CSS Table Border Style Wizard', which I used to generate the look-and-feel of the music/review tables.

Fabricio Zuardi's fan-flippin-tastic FREE MP3 player, "XSPF Web Music Player". This is an outstanding free MP3 player.
I use the "button" version at various places throughout the site. The full pop-up player I snagged from Fabricio's "Hideout" blog at, specifically, an entry at "Hideout #48"
The version there is more current than the default/public install off of sourceforge...."tweaked-out a little"...and I like the ability to control the forward/backward flow of the music and the better volume control.
(There's no install or have to grab the .swf from your cache.)
Thanks again, Fabricio for the permission on using this unreleased version.
- The company that's hosting this web site. They offer great pricing, great support, and are a perfect hosting option for someone like me who's wanting the latest and greatest Microsoft/IIS/.NET hosting options available. I recommend them highly.
- A free image website where I pulled several of the images used for my pieces in the player and the thumbnails on the reviews page.

Lastly (and most importantly) I'd like to THANK all of my family and friends who put up with me while I put this site together.
I'm sure you got tired of me asking you to look at this thing or that, and I'm sure I spent way too much time obsessing about it (like I do about most things).
   "Try this out..."
   "Tell me what you think..."
   "Do you like this?"
   "Should I use this image or that image?"
THANKS for not telling me to go away and just "Post the damned thing!"
As always, your support (and understanding) means a great deal to me.

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Welcome to Dan Tharp's Music Site
Welcome to Dan Tharp's Music Site
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Click the frets above to navigate through the site