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"Face Down in a Pool of Dreams": my first album.  I came up with this name a long time ago when I was just a kid dreaming of becoming a musician someday.

"Second Thought": my sophamore album where I experimented with digital instrumentation mixed with some traditional acoustic guitar.

"Happiness May Occur": the album I'm currently working on.

"(None)": a collection of pieces I've written that don't belong on any specific album.  Whether for movie soundtracks or just for yucks, these pieces are album-less...homeless children adrift on their own.

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Album: "Face Down in a Pool of Dreams"

Album: "Second Thought"

Album: "Happiness May Occur"

Album: "(None)"
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"Delays Delays"
"Elements of Wishful Thinking"

FYI - If you'd like to use my music on your website, feel free to do so once you purchase a copy...no extra charges or usage fees are required. The only thing I ask is:
1) Let me know about your website so I can add it to my list of Dan Tharp sightings and
2) Make sure you prevent downloading of this music from your website.
3) Give me credit for the music in some way, either mentioning my name and pieces and/or a reference/link to http://dantharpmusic.com.

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Welcome to Dan Tharp's Music Site
Welcome to Dan Tharp's Music Site
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